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In the meantime here are your next steps:

  • Choose ONE category: sometime before tomorrow decide what you would like to de-clutter and organize first.  Marie Kondo recommends starting with clothing, then books, tools, papers, misc., and sentimental items.
  • After you have chosen your ONE category, you can wait to begin with the bigger group, or get started by gathering this item from every area of the house and placing it all in a pile in one room. Don’t leave any space unopened.  Don’t discriminate or separate seasonally.  Gather it ALL!
  • Grab your kids, spouses and your friends and let’s come together to connect online, drink mock-tails or cocktails and get down and dirty with some good old fashion community clean-up! 

FINALLY, SHARE SHARE SHARE!! The more the merrier!

See you Soon, keep an eye on your Inbox for details on Joining!

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