If you’re low on energy, feeling weighed down by all the life rules, or just want to kick-up your heels and uncover the deep down to your core things that make you happy, join 11 other adventurous, soulful women for a transformational experience in the mountains of beautiful Colorado, where you will have the opportunity to dive into the richness of your soul and rediscover the spark behind the gorgeous purposeful pieces that make you……YOU!

It’s no accident that you’ve found this page. This fun, inspiring, one of a kind life-changing experience was specifically designed to provide you with the opportunity and space to get out of your own way, explore and discover what’s been holding you back, and forge ahead with unstoppable ease, grace and confidence in pursuing your dreams, goals and big ideas every single day. This is about you!


Finding the freedom  to uncover your passions, the wisdom to nourish your body and the inspiration to celebrate the beauty of YOU!

Be Yourself……even if you don’t know who she is yet.  She has always been you.

When we do hard work, or are constantly diving out of our comfort zone into the world with more of a sense of curiosity, we will become more of who we were created to be.  And that…will light a path for others to also become the hero of their own story, which creates an unimaginable ripple effect.



Uncover what holds you back, and discover what sets you free



Shift your mindset from fear and frustration to a life that makes you feel good



Eat well. Move well. Feel well. Find the fuel to move you forward faster.



Stand tall, ask for what you want, and find the freedom to be YOU!



Eat well. Move well. Feel well. Find the fuel to move you forward faster.

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All the Deets…

 ♥Get Ready for an Unforgettable Experience

♥  Enjoy 3 delicious organic, locally sourced plant based, nutrient dense meals a day + detox elixirs all selected to clean your liver and strengthen your kidneys, reduce inflammation, heal and nourish your gut.

♥  Your 4 night stay in the breath taking mountains of Colorado

♥  All Onsite meals/beverages and snacks

♥  Daily activities, outings and infinite options focused on YOU

♥  Learn the lost art of “doing nothing”, while we relax and unwind in nature

♥  Music, laughter, SWAG bag and so much more



Where are you in your journey to living happy, confident and strong?


Are you ready to …..


-Relax, restore, and reclaim your zest for life and trust in your path


-Rediscover your beauty and celebrate ALL of who you are


-Leave behind the negative self talk and create the life you crave


-Heal from the past so that you can step freely into your one WILD and Beautiful life


-Gain clarity around the next steps of your journey


-Take your life and the legacy YOU want to leave to the next level


-Create lifetime friendships and a sisterhood of love & support


♥  Music, laughter, SWAG bag and so much more



Yes, I’m ready to register!

 ♥  I whole heartedly believe YOU were made for more  


If the Whole-Self is your mission; whether you’re focused on a wellness goal or concern, a personal crisis, a career change, or you just need a healthy reboot to take your life and dreams to the next level, you will take home a personal road map, and the conviction to turn intentions into reality.

You’ll experience healthy meals that fuel your body, the brilliance and beauty of being in nature and the power of bringing women together to speak their truth and unleash their inner badass.


Connect, engage, and be inspired to take back your mind, energize your body, and re-ignite your Spark!

About Me:…

I’m not just your ordinary “Wellness expert”. I’m a midwest mama to four crazy kids, a wife, and a Whole-Self Health Coach that likes to teach women to break all the rules by taking the hell out of healthy and empowering you to think, act and own their inner badass, so they can be unstoppable in their health, relationships, business and the way they positively impact each other.

I’ve been on this journey for quite some time now, and it’s my mission to help you shift your views on living, loving, aging and everything in between, so you can love your body, have the energy to enjoy it and find balance, confidence and fun in creating joy and healthy habits at every stage, so that you can be UNSTOPPABLE at any age! Live Big! Be Unstoppable! Be YOU!

Yes, I’m ready to register!

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